Baby swimwear for girls and boys at the best price

Opt for quality and invest without breaking the bank in our vast selection of baby swimwear, including autres and the new Hummel collection. With a wide range of items for both boys and girls , sneakids offers you low-cost service and fast delivery rapide.

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Stylish baby swimwear at unbeatable prices

Michael Phelps, the holder of the most records in swimming, didn't become what he is by chance. In fact, he started very young, at just 7 years of age. To esp ensure that your child excels in this discipline, it's important to get him or her into the swim as early as possible. You'll be introducing him to the joys of playing in water, something that many infants enjoy immensely.

We've put together a selection of outfits and wetsuits to ensure a promising start. Sneakids met offers ta a wide range of baby swim wear at very competitive prices.

Which swimsuit should you choose for your baby?

Whether it's a swimsuit or any other type of clothing for newborns, dressing a baby involves two main criteria: comfort and aesthetics. But you can also opt for features specific to each outfit that may make it more practical than another. Depending on your little one's water activities, you can choose miniaturized versions of those port worn by adults, a diaper suit, a UV protection suit or swimming shorts, as well as swimming trunks or a one-piece swimsuit.

Anti-leak or diaper swimwear

Based on the principle of a baby's diaper, these baby swimsuits feature highly waterproof textile linings to ensure that no substance leaks through. It's the same in the opposite direction, since they don't allow any moisture to seep through, at the risk of weighing it down. Extremely practical, these models can be used over and over again, as they are suitable for all types of washing.

Perfect for infants up to one year old, they are made from soft, supple material for maximum comfort. It's essential to get the right size, otherwise nom " leak-proof swimsuits " will lose all meaning.

UV-resistant swimwear

Whether exposed to direct sunlight or not, a baby is not totally protected from UV rays. That's why we've developed wetsuits with anti-UV coating. Covering all body surfaces except hands and feet, these suits offer maximum protection for your little one.

At Hummel , we've chosen one of the trendiest models to meet your every need. Featuring IP+50 technology, these short-sleeved, round-neck coveralls have a full-length front zipp closure for easy donning and doffing. Made from soft, breathable, supple fabric, they feel great against sensitive skin, and allow great mobility. Hyper Comfortable and protective, they're a must-have in any summer wardrobe. Forget sunburn, opt for the hmlbeach solution.

Classic swimwear

Swimwear for baby boys

For those who are a little older, you can buy reduced sizes of those port worn by adults. An opportunity for you to match your swimsuit to his. Baby swim sessions will be all the more interesting. Whether it's the shorts or the swim trunks, these boys' swimsuits are made from soft fabric so they won't interfere with your baby's motor skills, and they're super-soft for a feeling of permanent comfort. You're spoilt for choice between those with a casual design for beach vacations by the sea, and those with a sportier style for an athletic look very elegant.

Swimwear for baby girls

For the little ones, ideal for babies from 6 months, you can choose between one-piece swimsuits and swim trunks. Made from soft, flexible, medium-compression fabric, they guarantee excellent support and seamless mobility - everything ta little swimmer in the making needs to be happy in the pool. Models in rose colors are also available ta to put the icing on the caketeau.

Choice, easy-care textiles

Whether your baby swims occasionally or on a regular basis, his swimsuits come into contact with all kinds of products that can deteriorate them fairly quickly. That's why you need to choose the right fabric for the right place. For example, when swimming in the pool, opt for polyester or polyamide models that can withstand chlorine.

You can also keep them looking as good as new atorigine by taking regular care of them after each swim: wash with mild soap, rinse with clean water, then dry at a moderate temperature to prevent fading and stretching.