Baby and newborn shoes at the best prices

On this page, you'll find the top baby shoes. Sports shoes are not just for adults. World-renowned brands have thought of the little ones, offering age-appropriate models. Baby Sneakers, Baby First Steps, Mini Slippers, Baby Walking Shoes, Rain Boots, Baby Après-skis, Baby Sandals... you name it!

Discover the entire Sneakids catalog, the specialist in shoes for children and babies! Find all our baby shoe brands such as adidas Originals Hummel Puma Only Kids Asics Rubber Duck Cienta Kickers Mod 8 Aster Robeez .

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High-quality shoes

Babies may be ignorant of the world of sport, but that's no reason not to make them high-quality shoes! These can accompany them through the important stages of their lives, as well as in their daily activities. adidas Nike , Puma, Reebok, discover reliable and stylish products from prestigious brands. With our website, babies will be able toshoes at reduced prices!

Which first-step shoes should I choose?

Has baby started walking? He needs the right sneakers to give him confidence. Don't know what to choose for your child' s first steps ? Here are the criteria you should consider: you need a model made from breathable materials like leather, it should also be lightweight and equipped with a non-slip sole . The Force 1 Crib from Nike orthe Bisckuit Rose from kickers should do the trick! Find these brand-name baby shoes at low prices!

How to choose baby walking shoes?

Your little boy or ta girl is no longer taking his first steps? Now he can walk everywhere without fear? He needs baby walking shoes specially designed for a child of his age. To give him the chance to acquire independence, our models are designed for the comfort of his little feet. They feature high uppers for optimum support. Velcro or zip fastenings make them easy to put on and take off. The Tensor model from adidas meets all these criteria! Get them at a special price!

And when the weather gets colder, opt for boots or booties! They'll keep ta ' s feet nice and warm! They're soft, lightweight shoes that help feet to develop properly. Check out our new collection of these items!

Which sandals for toddlers?

It's summertime, and sneakers and shoes that close aren't for you! For your child's comfort, opt for baby sandals! Designed in leather, our models protect your child's feet from the effects of perspiration! They also feature a soft, non-slip sole to prevent slipping when court. Take the Divecat V2 Injex Inf from Puma! The good news is that when you visit our site, you'll find quality baby sandals at unbeatable prices!

Which shoes for rainy weather?

When it's time to go out with your kids and the weather turns nasty? So your little ones can play outside with dry feet. Before choosing a model, you need to consider 2 important points: the shape and the material. For premier point , choose a shape that's perfectly adapted to your child's feet. As for the material, natural rubber is ideal, as it's flexible, waterproof and hard-wearing! Take a look at our website and choose what you like from the latest trendy colors!

How to choose baby après-skis?

To give your child extra comfort after a run on the slopes,baby après-ski is a must! Manufactured by the best brands, our models have all the specific features to meet your child's needs. They are well insulated and can withstand very low temperatures. They also offer excellent grip to guarantee stability on slippery surfaces. And last but not least, they're optimally waterproof! Convinced? Visit our website and access a wide range of inexpensive models in different sizes! With every purchase, we guarantee delivery rapide.

Which baby sneakers to choose?

At their age, children are dynamic and full of energy! They need sneakers that can keep up with their hectic pace. With this in mind, adidas has developed the FortaRun AC! Comfort is ensured by a flexible outsole and a mesh upper for air circulation! Take advantage of our sales on baby shoes for boys and girls!

How to choose the right mini booties?

For newborns, booties are ideal for protecting little feet.Choose models that are both soft and lightweight! When it comes to soles, opt for those without arch support, as baby needs to feel everything! When it comes to materials, we recommend leather to ensure that feet breathe properly!