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Are you a new parent looking for the perfect outfit for ta ? You're in luck. Sneakids offers ta a wide selection of baby dresses at unbeatable prices.

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If there's one must-have item of baby girl clothing, it's the baby dress! From princess gowns to long-sleeved ceremonial dresses, there's no time like the present to splurge on a low-priced baby girl dress.

How to choose the right dress for your little girl?

The arrival of a newborn can sometimes upset our daily lives. New concerns such as "how to dress her, what fabric to choose, what color she'll look best in" make their appearance.

To make your life easier, we've put together an inventory of the best dresses and autres clothes for little girls on the market. Whatever the occasion, at sneakids you're sure to find the perfect outfit for ta princess, at unbeatable prices.

Generally speaking, we tend to go for practical clothes that are easy to put on and take off. If your baby is less than two years old, it's important to opt for extremely silky fabrics to suit her sensitive little skin.

Since no special technical features are required, premier baby's clothes should provide maximum comfort and be aesthetically pleasing. Forget overly extravagant models; a cotton dress with cute patterns will do the trick. And make sure it can be adapted to an undergarment or mini-sweater to cope with the cooler seasons.

Baby dresses for winter outings

If you're in the habit of taking baby with you on all your outings, make sure you have clothes to protect her from the winter chill. Fleece dresses with long sleeves would be perfect.

Made from soft, breathable cotton with excellent thermal insulation, they will keep ta safe from gales and excess heat. Practical and comfortable, without losing their aesthetic appeal, they will refine ta little princess' s look every day: in the street, at daycare or at home. This elegance also makes them suitable for all kinds of events, such as birthday parties.

You can also add a bloomer for added protection. Held in place by elasticated ends, they are made from supple textile with soft padding, guaranteeing extreme comfort and ideal warmth. Their great flexibility allows optimum mobility, so baby can move as he pleases.

Trendy dresses for everyday outings

With their summery allure and 100% vacation theme, these dresses will suit baby perfectly whatever the occasion: a Sunday at church, a party with friends or family outings. With or without sleeves, they're made from a choice fabric that's light, soft and highly functional, guaranteeing an optimal feeling of freshness all day long. They feature childlike graphics, making them an elegant way to refine your style.

You'll also find a number of skirt models that you can match with a top of the same quality. Made from soft, silky cotton, they offer maximum comfort and excellent traction.

A range of colors and patterns are available, including rose, to add that little princess touch to her look ensemble.

Baby dresses for ceremonies

We also have a range specially dedicated to special occasions such as weddings and christenings. Dress her like one of the Disney princesses she's so fond of with one of our chicly designed dresses. Ceremonies, whether in baby's honor or not, are often an opportunity to put baby in the spotlight. Unconsciously, moms battle it out to see who's the cutest. Choose her a simple dress without too much frills, perfectly suited to the theme, and you're all set.

Browse our page and you're sure to find a brand-name baby dress at unbeatable prices.

Robust, easy-care fabric dresses

A child's carefree attitude is an open secret. In fact, baby's clothes are exposed to all kinds of dirt, scratches and autres elements that can alter their condition.

Baby's outfits must therefore be made from high-quality textiles, guaranteeing excellent resistance to abrasion and all kinds of wear and tear, for optimum durability. At the same time, they offer maximum protection for their sensitive little skin.

This robustness makes them suitable for all types of washing. However, a few rules must be observed to prevent them from expanding or discoloring quickly: be sure to wash them with clear water and soap, use products free from abrasive chemicals, and don't expose them to too high a temperature when drying.