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Cienta shoes for boys and girls

Discover the CIENTA collection, theorigine brand from the manufacturer of 100% vulcanized canvas Espagne. Cienta founded in 1982, specializes in the manufacture of footwear for children and juniors. The brand is located in the north ofEspagne, in the La Rioja region; the town of Arnedo (14,000 inhabitants) has a long tradition of shoe manufacturing.

At Sneakids, we offer a wide range of plain and fancy colors for each model. The lasts of the children's models are specially adapted to the little ones, as are the 100% natural materials (natural rubber, cotton, wool cloth...) and are machine washable. Fabrics, embroideries and embellishments are selected by professionals who favor the most sparkling and attractive colors and presentations.

Cientaeco-friendly children's shoes

Eco-friendly right down to the tips of its toes, the Spanish brand uses 100% natural materials and raw rubber soles to guarantee exceptional comfort for the little ones. For over 30 years, Cienta has been manufacturing vulcanized footwear for children. children. Founded in 1982, Calzados Cienta, a family-run business, started out in the world of children's footwear, contributing its experience and know-how.

The factory is located in La Rioja (Espagne), a region with a long tradition of shoe manufacturing in a region with years of tradition in the shoe world. shoe world. The design and manufacture of Cienta shoes are focused on quality and comfort, using only natural raw materials and the most advanced technology.

The Cienta brand uses only natural raw materials and the most advanced technology. All the materials used in their manufacture are breathable, making them lightweight and adapted to the needs of even the smallest children. It's worth noting that the booties have a latex insole to cushion the little ones' footsteps, and that the sole has a pleasant natural strawberry scent. Kids will love them!