First steps - Baby shoes from 18 to 23

That's it, baby's starting to walk! Browse the sneakids selection of baby shoes to find the perfect pair. Here you'll find a wide choice of baby shoes from leading brands: Kickers Aster , Mod8 - First-step shoes and baby shoes from 18 to 23.

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As you probably already know, the best thing for your little ones is to go barefoot as much as possible. But there comes a time, when baby grows up and starts to take his first steps, and walk like mom and dad. So it's time to give him his first pair of shoes. For good stability, baby's feet need to move freely. These toes need room to spread out, wiggle and perceive sensations.

Opt for a model with an anti-slip sole, to keep your child in a comfort zone and maintain good balance.

A wide range of first-step shoes for your baby

Buying baby shoes isn't always easy. To limit the risk of pain and offer your little one greater comfort, it's important to choose shoes that are suitable for toddlers.

The selection of first-step shoes on our online shop will help you find the pair that's just right for your baby. You'll discover a range of high-quality products designed by brands such as Kickers, Mod or Aster. Baby walking shoes, babybotte, baby botillons...

All our models are available in a range of colors and sizes, so that every parent can offer their little one the very best. Take advantage of our delivery service rapide for your purchase of cheap baby shoes on sneakids.

What's the right age for baby shoes?

Your baby has grown up and is starting to stand up. You're wondering if it's the right time to put on baby shoes? While there's no ideal age for wearing your baby's very first pair of shoes, 10 to 18 months seems like a good time to buy your little one some first-step shoes.

You'll agree that buying baby shoes is a very important moment. The wrong choice will have an impact on the development of his feet. As he learns to walk, baby needs to feel his little toes and all the sensations of the ground in order to find his balance. That's why it's so important to find the right shoes that combine flexibility and lightness.

Choosing the right shoes for baby's first steps

While it may be tempting to opt for aesthetically pleasing models, the essential criterion for choosing the right baby shoes is, of course, comfort. It's important that your boy or ta girl feels perfectly at ease in his or her sneakers, and is not hindered in his or her walking movements.

Minimalist" shoes are best suited to your baby's first steps. The perfect shoes should feel as close to bare feet as possible, ideal for the development of his little feet.

And don't forget point about arch support. Did you know? Your baby's arch is still forming, and will continue to do so until he or she is around 4 years old. For maximum comfort, we recommend baby shoes with a natural leather insole. (Very young children tend to sweat a lot).

In our online store, you'll find a range of top-quality brands of baby shoes for first steps.

The special features of first-step shoes

Has your child been taking his first steps for some time now? Now is the perfect time to give him his first walking shoes. First-step shoes are designed to provide comfort and safety as your baby learns to walk.

Comfortable to wear, these shoes are lightweight so as not to weigh down the foot. They are made from materials adapted to baby's fragile skin, most often soft leather that lets the foot breathe. The sole is both supple and thin, allowing your child to enjoy a barefoot sensation.

Choose rubber or gum outsoles for their non-slip properties. The sneakids range of baby shoes combines all these features: all you have to do is choose the one you like best!

When to change shoes

Whether you're buying sandals, slippers or shoes for your little angel, it's very important to know his or her shoe size. A quick check is in order, especially if these are not his very first shoes.

Just a reminder: children's feet grow at an incredible rate. Durant During the first two years, baby's shoe size increases every three months. To make sure the shoes no longer fit, you can use the old-fashioned method.

If you can't slide your index finger along the back of his heel, it's time to buy a new pair. Also check the soles for wear and the shape of the shoes to see if they still offer good support.

Comfortable, stylish shoes for your little one

At sneakids, we offer top-quality products that are sure to take good care of your baby. You'll find a wide choice of first-step shoes combining comfort and fashion.

Our selection also includes all the new collections: colorful rose, red, or two-tone models for girls, sober and stylish shoes for boys.